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About Rete Iuris

The Firm

Rete Iuris is an international law firm comprised of attorneys and legal professionals, which came into existence in 2006 with strong presence in Spain and Venezuela.

Our comprehensive reliable consulting model is aimed at detecting opportunities that provide our clients’ investments with security ensuring major compliance with the national or international legislative and regulatory framework.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on cumulative years of experience within the legal area and in-depth knowledge of the market. Professionalism and responsibility constitute attributes that have made us become a reference within the Spanish-speaking legal environment.



Our mission is to offer comprehensive solutions to companies and investors demanding experience and knowledge of the national and international market.


We are dedicated to help companies and entrepreneurs succeed and to achieve their business development by servicing them with a high level of performance, within the current context of globalization, competitiveness and sustained risk using a holistic and interdisciplinary approach in business.



  • Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Dynamism
  • Transparency
  • Innovation

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