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Attorney at law, Ph.D. in Law and Arbitrator.

Dr. Carlos J. Sarmiento Sosa has a long and prestigious track record within the Venezuelan and Ibero-American legal community. In the course of his professional career, he has practiced his profession perfectly and has been a member of several institutions and national and international emblematic councils of jurists such as the Instituto Iberoamericano  de Derecho Procesal, el Instituto Panamericano de Derecho Procesal and the Instituto Venezolano de Estudios de Derecho Procesal.

Professional Memberships:

Professional Expertise:

Carlos has practiced law since 1967 and holds and Ph.D. in Law since 2005.

Currently, he is the Managing Partner at Rete Iuris, a multi-disciplinary law firm he founded in 2006, with strong presence in Venezuela, Spain, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama and the United States of America.

Before founding Rete Iuris, Carlos served as partner in a prestigious law firm located in Caracas, Venezuela, offering legal counsel to national and multinational companies and participating in trials and large-scale civil proceedings.


Academic Field:

Carlos J. Sarmiento Sosa has worked as a professor of Commercial Arbitration and has lectured at conferences on Procedural and Constitutional Law in Venezuela and Latin America.

Likewise, he is the author of 8 books and more than 20 publications, including “Performance of the Judicial System within the 1810-2010 Historical Framework” (2015); “Justice under the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” (2001); he has been the compiler  of the book entitled “Ibero-American Studies of Procedural Law: Tribute to Dr. José Gabriel Sarmiento Núñez” (2009), as well as publications and legal essays (Please click here to read the full list of publications by Carlos J. Sarmiento Sosa)

He has been a regular speaker at lectures and workshops on Arbitration organized by the Asociación Venezolana de Arbitraje (AVA) in Caracas, Maracaibo and Margarita from 2011 to present.

Our Organisation

Our Organisation
"We are dedicated to help companies and entrepreneurs succeed and to achieve their business development by servicing them with a high level of performance." Carlos J. Sarmiento Sosa, Rete Iuris Managing Partner