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Comprehensive solutions tailored for investors

Experienced at providing legal solutions to individuals, companies and investors related to national or international business matters.

Consulting Services

With focus on providing legal advice to companies and individuals regarding international investments.

Investment Opportunities

A portfolio of real estate assets representing a high level of economic performance.

Golden Visa

We support our clients with the handling of visa applications for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.


Advising on relocation of professionals transferred to a new country.


Rete Iuris counts on a leading network of attorneys and legal professionals with extensive legal experience advising individuals and companies.

Legal Consulting

50 years’ experience offering outstanding legal consulting services to diverse clients including individuals and companies in various aspects of  corporate, partnership and foreign investment matters by contributing to an efficient business management, including dispute resolution by means of litigation, mediation and arbitration.

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Investment Opportunities

As a leading provider of comprehensive legal services, we serve clients from “A to Z” meaning that we provide the investor with support during all phases of the investment process starting from the identification of an opportunity, the due diligence process until closing of transaction.

We have a real estate opportunity portfolio in several countries such as Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Panama and the United States of America.

Immigration Advice

As part of our comprehensive legal advising service, we at Rete Iuris offer assistance to individuals in matters regarding immigration procedures in connection or not with their international investments.

We also serve our clients with the process of moving to a new place through our relocation services.


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Professionalism and responsibility constitute attributes that have made us become a reference within the Spanish-speaking legal environment.

International Alliances

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Should you require any further information on our legal consulting services, investment opportunities and immigration advice, please do not hesitate to contact us through our channels for client support, from Monday through Friday, from 08:30 to 19:00.

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Are you interested in receiving our catalogue on investment opportunities? Seek advice from our consultants for a safety investment process by writing us at our email address contacto@reteiuris.com or by calling us at +34 695038817.