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Inmigration Advice

In a world increasingly interconnected in which mobility of people from one country to another becomes more common, immigration procedures have turned into an everyday concern.

As part of our comprehensive legal advice service, we at Rete Iuris offer assistance to individuals in matters regarding immigration procedures in connection or not with their international investments.

We also assist our clients with the process of moving to a new place through our relocation services. The following are the services we offer:

Immigration Procedures

Our immigration team has a comprehensive knowledge of the immigration process and our attorneys represent clients in all facets of immigration – related issues.

Golden Visa

We deliver advice on the visa application process for foreign investors and entrepreneurs in Spain aimed at obtaining the so-called “Golden Visa” which is processed to obtain the residence permit in Spain.


There are several obligations to be acquired by an individual when arriving in a new country. Rete Iuris helps simplify said process through the:

  • Preparation and review of the documentation required.
  • Arrangements with insurance companies.
  • Coordination to apply for property registry certificates with the Real Estate
  • Translations and legalizations.


Through our Immigration Advisory Division, we provide companies with advice on relocation of professionals who are transferred from one city to another and who require solutions regarding their mobility and adaptation in and outside of Spain. Our immigration advisors make all legal arrangements needed by offering the following services:

  • Temporary accommodations.
  • Housing search and acquisition process.
  • Advise on selection of educational centers.
  • Cultural and language adaptation programs.
  • Solutions concerning family and personal assistance.


Translation and legalization of official documents are primary requirements to make almost any procedure in a foreign country, both for natural persons and legal entities. At Rete Iuris we offer support regarding Spanish – English or English – Spanish translations, legalization of documents in Venezuela and Spain as well as the certification of documents by Apostille in accordance with the provisions of the Hague Convention.

Other Services

Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Making a decision in view of business opportunities implies a series of risks which may determine their success. Rete Iuris offers a series of counseling services and support in order for your business to operate within an environment of legal certainty to maximize returns and reduce uncertainty.


Our Organisation

Our Organisation
"We are dedicated to help companies and entrepreneurs succeed and to achieve their business development by servicing them with a high level of performance." Carlos J. Sarmiento Sosa, Rete Iuris Managing Partner