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Investment Opportunities

Making a decision in view of business opportunities implies a series of risks which may determine their success. Rete Iuris offers a series of counseling services and support in order for your business to operate within an environment of legal certainty to maximize returns and reduce uncertainty.

As a leading provider of comprehensive legal services, we serve clients from “A to Z” meaning that we provide the investor with support during all phases of the investment process starting from the identification of an opportunity, the due diligence process until closing of transaction. Likewise, we have a real estate opportunity portfolio worldwide.

The comprehensive advisory services delivered by consultants associated with Rete Iuris are as follows:


We offer a portfolio of opportunities that we have analyzed previously and which may adjust to the needs of our clients. We assess and verify project feasibility and risks and real estate assets representing an attractive investment with a high level of economic performance.


The network of consultants associated with Rete Iuris across the globe plays a key role in supporting clients’ process of investment acquisitions.

Transactional Advice

Any transaction, specially a business opportunity investment requires an investor due diligence process before and during the transaction. Therefore, we offer a preventive legal advice during the entire process of selling and purchasing a property.


Investors require getting expert legal advice on acquisitions and business consulting. The experience gained by the associated consulting team guarantees Rete Iuris’ advisory services throughout all phases of the investment process.

Ask us about the following legal advice services for investors:

  • Legal advice until property purchase: Contract drafting: Purchase option, Earnest Money Deposit or Private Contract.  
  • Intermediation during the process of selling and purchasing companies and/or equity stocks.
  • Preparation and assistance during financing applications before banking institutions, investment funds and venture capital.

Other services:

Consultoría Jurídica

Consultoría Jurídica

Nuestro equipo cuenta con más de 50 años de experiencia en la consultoría jurídica, asistiendo a particulares y empresas en asuntos corporativos, societarios, de inversión extranjeras y contribuyendo a la gestión eficiente de los negocios, incluyendo la solución de controversias mediante litigios, mediación y arbitraje.

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Our Organisation
"We are dedicated to help companies and entrepreneurs succeed and to achieve their business development by servicing them with a high level of performance." Carlos J. Sarmiento Sosa, Rete Iuris Managing Partner