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Legal Consulting

Our team has more than 50 years of experience in offering outstanding legal consulting services to individuals and companies with focus on corporate, partnership and foreign investment matters by contributing to an efficient business management, including dispute resolution by means of litigation, mediation and arbitration.

We have expertise in:

Civil and Commercial Contracts

Obligations arising from the performance of an organization within the commercial field may be as diverse as complex. At Rete Iuris we are trustworthy advisors and we offer solutions to each case.


We are able to provide comprehensive advice on durable and guaranteed contractual relationships by providing support about document drafting, negotiation and by offering a clear view of legal implications derived from the operation.

International Investments

We help our clients carry out their investment with a greater level of certainty and in compliance with applicable jurisdictional regulations.


Given the unpredictability of court decisions especially in jurisdictions with low legal certainty, mediation and arbitration constitute efficient means for conflict resolution which reduce legal costs.


Nowadays, organizations are obliged to implement effective control measures for money laundering prevention (AML) and terrorism financing. At Rete Iuris, we advise companies to conform to applicable norms.

Fiscal Advice

Purchase of real estate assets and investment in business opportunities require that our clients are well informed and assisted on the needed legal regime required to make secure investments within the fiscal and tax framework of each place.


Clients count on our lawyers to meet their legal needs related to the design and implementation of compliance systems and with respect to the development of Corporate Governance.

Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the business strategy of an organization and fiscal rights and obligations may derive from it in accordance with the jurisdiction where the organization operates. Rete Iuris counts on a team that is able to advice organizations for a successful, modern, high performance management within a current context of globalization, competitiveness and sustained risk using a holistic and interdisciplinary approach.

Document Translation Services

Rete Iuris delivers translation services for a broad range of documents within the following fields/areas of expertise: legal, economic, financial, civil, commercial, education, certified translations, tourism, among others.

Rete Iuris counts on qualified professional translators who ensure the highest level of quality, accuracy, preciseness and exactness of the translation when producing a text into another language and without ignoring that confidentiality deriving from the translation is a top priority which shall be maintained in the course of and after translator’s performance of the translation service.

Other Services

Oportunidades de Inversión

Oportunidades de Inversión

La toma de decisiones ante las oportunidades de negocios viene acompañada de una serie de riesgos que condicionan su éxito. Rete Iuris, ofrece servicios de asesoría y acompañamiento, para que su negocio opere en un entorno de seguridad jurídica que le permita maximizar el retorno y reducir la incertidumbre.

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Our Organisation
"We are dedicated to help companies and entrepreneurs succeed and to achieve their business development by servicing them with a high level of performance." Carlos J. Sarmiento Sosa, Rete Iuris Managing Partner