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Carla Sarmiento 8 de abril de 2023 0 Comments

First Chapter

Hey! Hey! Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived to stay. What should we do?

We should all know what Artificial Intelligence is and its scope. Whether we like it or not, this wonderful invention and exceptional advance in technology will affect us at all levels in many areas of our lives, for better or worse. It is truly amazing what that technological tool is capable of. I would like to stay only analyzing the benefits and achievements, but it is inevitable to think about the risks that this uncontrolled tool can cause to some, or to all, depending on the scope of the evil. In such a globalized, wirelessly connected world like the one we live in, it is difficult to think of shaping that limit that protects us from the power of Artificial Intelligence. Coincidentally, at the time I was writing this note, it became known that various figures from the world of business and technology spoke about the unlimited scope of AI and suggested that so much research and progress had to be suspended for a while to avoid consequences that could become unmanageable.  ¬And it is true, in this accelerated development of technological creations and advances we ask ourselves: which is the limit? Is it worth setting limits? Who establishes them? Who must comply? What happens if they are not fulfilled? What is the penalty? Who imposes the penalty? When seeing AI achievements displayed at technology fairs, the reaction can be both: fascination and panic, compared to what this tool is capable of. Movie scenes in which Hollywood had already anticipated those achievements instantly come to our minds.
At the time we saw them on the screens, we were surprised, we observed them, and we enjoyed them as part of a science fiction movie and it turns out that now they are here, between us.
They are already accessible to almost any mortal. And now what do we do to prevent that tool from falling into the hands of the bad guy in the movie, who may be sitting next to us at that same fair?
To this world that is increasingly dehumanized, less sensitive and individualistic and that every day needs more empathy, are we going to add machines instead of pets, false information and photos that are published in seconds, false news that would be spread to confuse to seek the reaction of people who have positions different from the common one in order to defend our position?
Undoubtedly, AI will facilitate and streamline many processes that will allow humanity to advance in many aspects. But it will also replace a lot of labor that will have to look to get creative to get its source of income. We know that such technology will prevent mistakes that today could be made unsuspectingly by humans.
AI is here to stay and to develop more and more non stop. Undoubtedly, a regulatory framework must be created that sets limits. It is a task that, although complex, must begin immediately, before the machines and their own intelligence completely dominate the world and it is too late to react.
Carla A. Sarmiento Colmenares
Abogada, LL.M.